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Le Dip Cold Tub

Le Dip Cold Tub

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Use this tub to recover, destress, energize and invigorate your body and mind. Built for portability or permanent installation, this tub is the perfect addition to any daily routine.

Comes with its own backpack style carrying case, a pump to inflate and deflate in as little as 3-5 minutes, made of double-insulated material with secure lid.

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About the Le Dip Tub

The Le Dip Tub is a double insulated portable cold tub with secure lid. Our sturdy inflatable design is built for permanent installation or portability. It comes with its own pump that makes setup and takedown as quick as 3-5 minutes, as well as its own backpack style carrying case so you can take it with you to your next event, race, or adventure and get the cold advantage on the go!

Length: 132cm Width: 70cm Height: 60cm .

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We offer a one-year warranty against leaks or holes in the product.