Getting Started with Your Tub

Setting Up

Unroll your cold tub, adjust the valve pin, and connect the pump hose. Pump the the tub to approximately 10psi. Disconnect the pump and screw the valve cap on.

Fill the tub using standard cold water.

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We recommend changing the water twice weekly, and cleaning the tub every two weeks with body wash.

For any holes or leaks, you may make repairs to your tub using the repair kit.

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Take Down

The tub is easy to drain and deflate through the necessary ports. It comes with a lid and passcode for the option to keep the tub open for longer - protecting against the elements and safeguarding kids and pets.


What material is the tub made of?

The tub is made out of DWF material and PVC material.

How much water does the tub hold?

The tub has a max water fill of 230L.

How do you clean the tub, and how often?

You can clean the tub using regular body wash. We recommend twice a month.

Are there any weather restrictions?

The tub is fully weatherproof, and is rated for a high temperature of 50℃ and low temperature of -20℃.

How does the water drain?

There is a water out port where the water can be drained directly.

What if it is set up indoors?

You can connect the chiller water tube or a regular garden hose to drain the water with extended length.

How heavy is the tub?

When the product is deflated and in the packaging, it is approximately 16kg, making it a perfectly portable option!